Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day!

I thought Mother's Day would be the perfect time to show you what I've been working on
 in the 'Rose' Bedroom.

I think every dollhouse needs a baby's room.
Perfectly tiny bonnet and bootees made by Susan at Mini Crochet Mad.

A bunch of peach coloured roses for Mother.

'That's What God Made Mother's For' is framed on the wall in honour of Mother's Day.
It's a piece of vintage sheet music I found years ago in an op shop.

That's a tiny knitted mouse I bought at a dollhouse fair.

Part of the bassinet was in a room box I found at an op shop. 
The room box was dated 1982. 
I didn't like the top netting of the bassinet so I've re-made that part but the bottom is covered with the finest cotton fabric and it has age spots on it - which I love! 

I made the dress from an old handkerchief.

I went searching at an op shop (yes, I do spend too much time op shopping) for something to make the blanket from and found a baby singlet that I embroidered tiny rosebuds on...because the world needs more rosebuds!

That teensy safety pin was a challenge to make.
I did make two but one fell on the floor and that was the last I saw of it!


Teddy has been thrown from the bassinet!

The dressing table was a gift from Kim
It was originally painted white.
I've added some pink (had to be done!) and vintage style floral paper and made a little basket for nappy storage.

Wishing all the Mums out there a very Happy Day!


  1. Happy mother's day Mercedes. Your baby room is adorable - that tiny safety pin is amazing!

  2. These are such happy photos to gaze upon. Thanks for sharing, and Happy Mother's Day to you, as well!

  3. Una preciosa y tierna escena!!!

  4. Yo también creo que todas las casitas necesitan su cuarto del bebé y el tuyo es adorable. Todo lo que hay en él me gusta, los suelos, las paredes, la cuna, los complementos... EL vestido te ha quedado maravilloso! Y también me encantan las cortinas. EN fin, una escena adorable, felicidades! :)

  5. Absolutely gorgeous and sweet!!!

  6. This is an ideal baby's room! You've done a beautiful job; I love the rose theme. All the details make it so realistic. The whole room just thrills my heart! Thanks for sharing - and have a Happy Mother's Day!

  7. The whole room setting is just gorgeous! So warm atmosphere!

  8. Delightful room :o)
    Best wishes Mummy

  9. Adorable bassinet, dress, chest, love your baby room, Mercedes!!!


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